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Ladder Steps
Ladder Steps
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Ladder Steps
Ladder Steps
Ladder Steps

Ladder Steps

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Diameter & Length

These pipe ladder steps bring a rustic and clean look into any room, heavy duty built to last for years. Are you looking for a fun, kid friendly way to get up to a playhouse or bunk bed? These ladder steps are a great way to keep your your little ones busy and active while making your space functional and well put together.


Ordering 5 or more ladder bars? Contact us for a coupon!

Made with 1/2" or 3/4" steel pipe.
Item depth is 3.5 inches between the inside of the pipe to the wall.
Item depth is 4.5 inches from the outside of the pipe to the wall.

1/2" can be used for children/applications up to 50 lbs. Light Use Applications.
3/4" is Heavy Duty and gives a bolder look. 3/4" is recommended for heavy use applications up to 200 lbs.

Due to supply issues, ladder steps will be supplied with 3 hole mounting flanges.

FULLY ASSEMBLED SIZE: Size in options menu is the length of the bar itself.
1/2” Diameter Pipe
8" = 12.25 Full Assembled
10" = 14.25" Full Assembled
12" = 16.25" Full Assembled
18" = 22.25" Full Assembled
24" = 28.25" Full Assembled

3/4” Diameter Pipe
8" = 12.5" Full Assembled
10" = 14.5" Full Assembled
12" = 16.5" Full Assembled
18" = 22.5" Full Assembled
24" = 28.5" Full Assembled

Actual assembled sizes can vary around a few inches.

Some sizes/quantity amounts will require a small amount of assembly.

Item comes with complimentary black screws.
Our ladder steps need to be anchored into wood or concrete to be expected to hold bodyweight. Do not use drywall anchors when adding bodyweight. An easy way to anchor these steps on a wall is to first fasten boards into studs, then fasten the steps to those boards. This process allows for more flexibility on the spacing.

Please note that the pipe may differ in color from the pictures shown. All pipe steel is cleaned, painted lettering is scrapped off and de-greased. After being cleaned, the steel is coated for corrosion protection. Each piece of ladder steps is unique and no two are the same. Pipe includes industrial machine processing marks. ladder steps are not solid black.

We make custom pieces. Just let us know what you are looking for!

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